5 Ways Veterans are Targeted by Scammers

Senior Care in Des Plaines IL: Scams Targeting Veterans

Military veterans deserve our honor and respect for their service to the country. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who prey on veterans, trying to trick them out of money and benefits. There are several kinds of scams that specifically target veterans. Knowing about them can help you to protect your aging relative. Below are 5…

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Tips for Cooking Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely

Elder Care in Glenview IL: Turkey and Food Safety

Thanksgiving is a time to look forward to many things. You get to enjoy friends and family, relive traditions you have cherished for years, and make new memories. For most people a central part of the celebration is the turkey. If you are hosting the feast this year, it is important to keep food safety…

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Bedroom Safety for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregiver in Glenview IL: Bedroom Safety for Seniors with Alzheimer's

For a senior with Alzheimer’s disease, nighttime can be scary and a little bit odd. The house is quiet and dark and she may find it more difficult than during the day to remember how to do certain things. As her caregiver, you can take some steps to help her to feel and to be…

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FAQs About Bathroom Safety and Seniors

Elderly Care in Deerfield IL: Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Hundreds of thousands of elderly adults are injured in slip and fall accidents that happen in their bathrooms. The combination of slippery surfaces and wetness are just a few of the reasons why bathrooms are often considered the most dangerous rooms in the house for the elderly. Family caregivers should take the time to learn…

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National Picnic Month – Before You Pack a Picnic, Keep These Safety Tips in Mind

Caregiver in Highland Park IL: National Picnic Month

July is National Picnic Month. The weather is perfect for gathering the family, heading to a park or beach, and enjoying a meal under the sun. Before you head out on that picnic, you need to keep safety in mind. Food safety is just one of the many concerns when going on a picnic. Here…

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Summer's Coming – What Sunscreen is Best for Your Mom and Dad?

Senior Care in Lake Forest IL: It may not feel like it in every area of the U.S., but summer is on the way. Your parents should protect their skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays throughout the year. In the summer, it’s especially important as many switch to lighter clothing, short sleeves, and shorts. Any exposed skin must be protected.

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Seniors and Distracted Driving

Home Care in Northbrook IL: Is your elderly loved one a good driver? With age comes many physical and mental challenges to staying safe on the road behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. As a family caregiver, it’s a good idea to frequently evaluate how they are doing and whether they are using good judgement when driving.

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Ways to Get Your Dad's Medication Information Organized and Accessible

Senior Care in Glenview IL: Your dad’s medication information should be organized and made accessible to anyone with medical power of attorney. Your dad’s doctor, dentist, and any other specialists may need exact information during an appointment. It’s important to have a list ready to go.

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