Can Skilled Nursing Care Help With Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis: Skilled Nursing Care Northbrook IL

Osteoporosis: Skilled Nursing Care Northbrook IL

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are conditions where the bones weaken. Osteopenia is a condition where the bone density is lower than it should be at that age. If it’s not addressed, it can advance to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when the bone’s honeycomb-like structure has become so inadequate that bones fracture easily. If your mom reaches a point where she has osteoporosis, she will need extra care, especially if it’s a bone fracture that led to the diagnosis. Skilled nursing care can help with that.

Wound Care

Your mom fell and fractured her hip. That’s what led to them determining that she had osteoporosis. Because she needed surgery, she has a surgical incision to keep her clean and dressed. Skilled nursing care can help with that.

She may have other wounds to take care of. A scrape needs to be cleaned to prevent infection. The same is true of any wounds that needed suturing. Nurses can clean and dress the wounds, examine them for early signs of infection, and report their findings to doctors. If an infection is diagnosed, skilled nurses can make sure your mom starts taking her antibiotics immediately.

Dietary Education

Your mom needs to make sure her diet is rich in calcium. This may require her to work with a nurse to understand better what foods she can and cannot have. This education also helps the rest of the family understand what to make during family meals.

Denosumab Injections

One of the treatments for osteoporosis is injections of a solution containing denosumab. This injectable solution does have some side effects such as an increased risk of UTI, allergic reactions, and joint and muscle pain.

Injections are given every six months, and they have to be timely. Missing a dose can increase the risk of spinal fractures. If your mom cannot get out of her house easily, skilled nursing care can come to her home and give her the injections at her house.

If your mom does develop a UTI on this medication, her nurse is there to make sure she’s on the right antibiotic and monitor for worsening infection. You don’t want the infection to reach your mom’s kidneys.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important part of your mom’s care plan. She needs to attend her sessions with a physical therapist to ensure she’s doing everything possible to maintain strength and help improve her balance.

Make sure she attends as many physical therapy sessions as directed. Your mom may find these sessions are a lot of work. They may tire her out, but she’ll improve over time, and they are very important if she wants to avoid future falls.

Arrange skilled nursing care after your mom’s doctor determines she has osteoporosis. Her care needs will determine exactly how much care nurses need to provide. Talk to her doctors and call a skilled nursing care agency to make the appropriate arrangements.

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