Are You Part of the Sandwich Generation?

People who are part of the sandwich generation are sandwiched between their parent’s care needs, children who are still at home, and jobs. It’s hard enough for a working parent to always be available for a child’s sports and extracurricular activities, but if you add in helping a parent, it’s overly frustrating.

Family caregivers spend an average of 22.3 hours helping their parents, grandparents, or another family member. If you also hold a job, how do you manage to fit in 22.3 hours of care with your work hours and still have time for yourself?

Make Sure Your Employer Knows

Companion Care at Home Deerfield, IL: Sandwich Generation

Companion Care at Home Deerfield, IL: Sandwich Generation

If you’ve worked enough hours and months, you are entitled to FMLA. While you won’t get paid time off to help your dad, it can protect your job if you need to take up to 12 weeks off. In some states, such as California, there can be additional family leave benefits.

Jot Down Your Daily Schedule

Sit down and think about everything you do every day. Start with your morning routine, your job responsibilities, the things your children need, and any responsibilities with your pets. Don’t overlook errands you have to run for yourself, having time to socialize, and your self-care needs like daily exercise, time to yourself, and healthy eating.

Plan Your Dad’s Care Needs

Build a daily list of the things your dad needs help completing. Go over all aspects of his day, starting with waking him up to start his day. Progress through breakfast, housework, laundry, lunch, walks, and dinner preparation.

If you remind him to take medications each day, make sure that’s on the list. If you have to help him pay bills or make appointments, write that down, too. You want a comprehensive list of everything you help him do each day. If someone else has time to help your dad, it helps them to have a list to follow.

It also helps you to be able to compare your daily schedule with the things your dad needs each day. Where do your schedules conflict? You want to get someone else to help your dad when you’re busy at work, with your kids, or taking care of yourself.

Ask for Help

Make sure you ask for help before you get overwhelmed. Don’t burn out. Tell family members when you’re taking on too much. Always leave time for self-care.

Talk to an advisor to learn more about the prices and services offered by a companion care at home agency. You want to make sure your dad has the support he needs without it becoming an issue for your family life, work responsibilities, and self-care needs. With companion care at home, he has the help he needs and you’re free to go about your day when you need to focus on yourself.

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Jamie Shapiro