5 Ways To Keep Seniors Warm This Winter

Cold weather is on the way again which means it’s time to help your senior loved one get ready for the winter. Keeping the heat on high all winter may not be a great option for seniors who are on a budget. And seniors who are living in older family homes may have issues with the cold even if the heat is kept high all winter long.

Now is the time to get home care for your senior parent so that they have help with housecleaning, cooking, shopping, errands, and other tasks when the weather is bad. But in order to help your senior loved ones who are aging in place stay comfy and cozy this winter you should also:

Seal Any Drafts

 Home Care Buffalo Grove, IL: Staying Warm

The first thing that you should do before the weather gets cold is go through your senior loved one’s home and seal up any cracks or places where air can get in. Use weatherstripping to block cold air from in through leaky window seals or put plastic insulation up to keep the heat in and the cold air out. You can also use fabric draft stoppers to seal gaps between the door and the door frame that let in cold air.

Consider An Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace provides a comforting glow and a lot of heat but uses very little electricity. Some also have a display that makes it look like there is wood burning. If your senior parents have an older home that has some drafty rooms an electric fireplace in that room will allow them to stay warm without increasing the heating bill too much. Electric fireplaces are safer than other fireplaces and can be safer than space heaters. Some can be set on a timer and others can be controlled with an app for safety so that you won’t have to worry about one being left on overnight.

Get Some Self Heating Socks And Blankets

Self warming socks are an amazing gift that will help your senior stay warm and cozy all winter. There are chemical warmers that might get too hot or burn your loved one. The socks retain natural body heat to keep feet warm. And there are blankets made from the same material that retain body heat in high amounts to keep anyone using the blanket toasty warm safely. If your senior loved one needs to go out self warming socks under their boots will keep their feet warm even in the cold snowy weather.

Get An Electric Kettle

Everyone loves a hot beverage when it’s cold. Tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or even soup can be made with boiling hot water from an electric kettle. The kettle will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time so you don’t have to worry about your loved one forgetting to turn it off. With an electric kettle your loved one can safely make a hot beverage in any room in the house or a home care provider can make it for them. A hot cup of tea in bed is the perfect way to end a cold winter day.

Use Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are old fashioned but they still work, and work very well. A home care provider can prepare a hot water bottle and put it in your senior parent’s bed at night before they go to bed to get the sheets and blankets toasty warm and help your loved one stay warm all night.

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Jamie Shapiro