5 Ways for Seniors to Connect During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone. Though older adults may not be affected in the same way as others, they may be feeling lonelier or more disconnected than ever before. Because of social distancing, their friends and family members cannot visit them and they cannot leave the house to do their regular activities, such as attending a book club or going to their place of worship. But, even during the pandemic, there are ways your aging relative can stay connected to others. Below are 5 ideas.

#1: Facebook

Elderly Care Glenview, IL: Staying Connected During the Pandemic

If your aging relative isn’t currently active on Facebook, there’s no better time for them to get started than now. Facebook allows them to share pictures from their daily life, such as a photo of their garden or a craft they completed, with friends and family. In turn, they can also see pictures posted by others. Though this isn’t a substitute for real-life connections, Facebook can at least give your aging relative a chance to share pieces of their life with others and see what others are doing while they are stuck at home, too. Plus, it gives them a way to see the faces of the people they miss most. In addition, Facebook’s messaging feature allows them to live-chat with friends.

#2: Hand-Written Letters and Cards

Hand-written letters and cards, or snail mail, may not be the fastest way to connect these days, but they are one of the most personal. When your aging relative receives a card or letter, they know that someone has taken the time to sit down and write to them and has been thinking about them. Plus, it gives them something to look back on to remind them of the connection.

#3: Video Chatting

There are many apps and other technologies that allow people to see the people they care about via an Internet connection or using a smartphone. Using video chat, your older family member can see their children, grandchildren, and others they are missing.

#4: Telephone Calls

A good old telephone call from a friend or family member could lift the older adult’s spirts and make their day. Make sure your aging relative has a list of phone numbers for the people they may want to contact. In addition, it’s a good idea to call them more than you normally would to check on their well-being.

#5: Use Elderly Care

Even during the pandemic, elderly care can continue to visit your aging relative. Having a regular visitor can help seniors to feel less disconnected from the world. While there, an elderly care provider can assist the older adult with contacting others in their life. An elderly care person can take dictation from the senior to write a letter or card, help them to use Facebook, or dial the phone for them when they want to make a call.


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Jamie Shapiro