5 Reasons Your Senior Parent Needs Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance provides the support and care needed for seniors to age in place comfortably.

Home care assistance provides the support and care needed for seniors to age in place comfortably.

If your senior mom or dad is determined to continue living alone but you’re worried about their safety, home care assistance is the perfect solution. Your senior parent can continue living where they want to live, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing they aren’t alone.

Home care assistance is a type of at-home care for seniors designed to help them with the tasks of daily living and provide companionship and support. With home care assistance, seniors can stay at home as they get older and enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by familiar things in a place where they feel comfortable.

When you talk to your senior mom or dad about the benefits of home care assistance, be sure to mention these five reasons why all seniors should have home care assistance:


Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is one of the most common reasons why seniors need home care assistance. As your mom or dad gets older, they may have trouble getting around the house safely. Arthritis, vertigo, respiratory illness, and many other conditions can make it difficult for seniors to get around the house without falling. A home care provider can be there with your mom or dad to help them get around the house safely.



Seniors need help keeping the house clean. As seniors age, doing chores like vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and washing dishes get more difficult and dangerous. A care provider can do household chores like washing the dishes, taking out the trash, making sure the pet’s water bowl is full, doing laundry, and tidying up the house.

With assistance from a care provider, your mom or dad’s home will be clean, comfortable, and safe.



Transportation is often difficult for seniors who no longer drive. Rideshares and taxis are always available, but they were not created for seniors. Often, seniors find it painful and difficult to get into and out of small, cramped rideshare cars. And taxis may not have room for canes, walkers, oxygen tanks, or other medical equipment.

With home care assistance, seniors will have reliable, comfortable transportation when they need it.


Medical Appointments

Medical appointments can be problematic for seniors and family caregivers. Home care assistance can be there if you can’t take off work to go to medical appointments with your mom or dad but don’t want them to go alone. A care provider can drive your mom or dad to their appointment, help them find the office and get checked in, and stay with them during the appointment so they are comfortable.


Around The Clock Care

Home care assistance is available around the clock, so someone can be there whenever your senior parent needs help. It’s common for seniors to need help at night with tasks like showering and getting ready for bed.

A senior home care provider can come at night to help your mom or dad get ready for bed, then come back in the morning to help them get up and dressed. Home care assistance is available whenever your senior mom or dad needs help.



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Jamie Shapiro