4 Things That Will Help Your Senior Loved One Go Outside In The Cold

When the winter cold sets in seniors should avoid going outside as much as possible, but sometimes they may need to go out to shop, to go to the doctor, or to walk the dog if they have pets. When seniors need to go outside during the cold winter months they need to make very sure that they are protected from the cold and from the sun. The UV rays from the sun can bounce off of the snow and cause sunburn or vision problems. Seniors who need to go outside when it’s cold should do these four things to make sure they are safe from the cold and sun:

Wear A Medical Mask

 Senior Home Care Glenview, IL: Seniors and Cold Weather

Thin medical masks have become popular for seniors to wear in the winter to protect them from catching the flu and other illnesses but seniors should also be wearing them when they go out into the cold air. The mask prevents seniors from breathing in big breaths of freezing air that can trigger asthma attacks or other lung ailments. Seniors can gradually get used to being outdoors in the cold if they have a mask on.

Wear Sunglasses

People often don’t think that the sun can be a problem in the winter but seniors should always take the risk of sun damage seriously. Seniors should wear sunglasses when they go outside in the winter so that they can avoid damage from the sun’s UV rays, even if it’s not that sunny outside. It’s also important for seniors to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from wind and from snow or sleet that can land in their eyes. Sun protection and skin protection are important year round for seniors.

Pre-Heat Coats And Boots

Going from a warm house to the cold outdoors can be physically challenging for seniors so it’s a good idea for seniors to pre-heat their coats and boots before putting them on to go outside. A senior home care provider who works with your senior loved ones can put their coats and boots by a heat vent to warm them up. Another easy way to warm up coats, scarves, hats, and mittens is for their senior home care provider to throw them in the dryer for a few minutes. Boots can be warmed up with boot warmers or by placing them upside down over a heat vent.

Wear A Hat With A Brim

Wearing a hat with a brim or a bill will help protect a senior loved one’s eyes and face from the sun, wind, or snow when they go outside in the winter. If your senior loved one doesn’t have a hat with a brim or a bill that is also warm enough to wear in the winter your senior loved one can layer a warm winter hat underneath a cap with a brim or a bill so that they will be warm and get the protection of a hat with a brim.

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Jamie Shapiro