4 Things Seniors Should Know About Romance Scams

February is a month where people are thinking about romance, and seniors who are single are no different. However, that valentine that your senior loved one thinks they found online could be a scammer. Romance scams that start on dating sites and social media sites are very popular right now and seniors and their families need to be wary. One of the worst parts about a romance scam is that if a senior gifts money to someone they think they are dating they may not be able to get that money back. Some things that seniors and their families should know about romance scams are:

In-Home Care Can Help Prevent Disaster

In-Home Care Highland Park, IL: Romance Scams

In-Home Care Highland Park, IL: Romance Scams

One of the best lines of defense against romance scams is in-home care for seniors. Seniors will likely be talking to their potential romantic partner online or through text when the in-home care provider is there so they can make sure that your senior loved one isn’t sending money or doing anything risky. They can also find our information like the person’s name, phone number, and screen names so that they can be investigated. 

Background Checks Are Essential

A background check should be done on any potential partner that your senior parent wants to date. Background checks can be done online for a small fee as long as you have some basic information about that person. And it’s well worth the cost. With just a few clicks you will be able to find out if the person is who they say they are, if they have a criminal record, where they are located, and other important facts. If your senior loved one has fallen hard for someone who is trying to scam them sometimes the background check is the only way they will accept that the person isn’t who they say they are. 

In Person Meetings Or Video Chats Can Thwart Scammers

Once your senior parent has been talking to someone for a week or so they should make arrangements to meet the person in public or at least video chat with them. In-home care can help here too. A home care provider can take your senior loved one to any public meeting with a potential date to make sure your senior loved one is safe. And they can help facilitate a video chat and make sure that the person on the other end of the phone is really who they say they are. 

Make Sure Seniors Know To Never Give Gifts Or Money

Have a frank talk with your senior loved one about romance scams. Make sure they know that they should never agree to send money to anyone they haven’t met. Even if it’s just a few dollars for a take out meal or some other treat. And they shouldn’t be buying them gifts, especially gift cards. What seems like a nice gesture by your loved one can actually be the start of a scam that could result in your senior parent losing a lot of money.

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Jamie Shapiro