10 Practical Gift Ideas For Seniors Living Alone

Senior Home Care

The holidays are coming, and it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for a senior parent. If your senior parent is aging in place there are lots of great gifts that you can get them. Practical gifts that can help them maintain their independence and enjoy their home are ideal gifts for seniors.
If your senior parent doesn’t have senior home care then senior home care would be a fantastic gift for any senior. With senior home care seniors have the companionship, support, and help that they need to continue thriving at home. You should talk to a local senior home care agency today to find out more about senior homes in your senior parent’s area.

In addition to senior home care some practical gifts that seniors will love are:

Medical Alert System

All seniors who are living alone should have some type of medical alert system. A bracelet or pendant that your senior parent can activate for help if they fall or have a medical emergency will give them and you peace of mind.

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices can make life much easier and safer for seniors living at home. And through the apps that control the devices you can control them also, which is a great feature if your senior parent has some cognitive decline. Putting appliances like the coffee pot or tea kettle on a smart plug allows your senior parent to turn them on and off easily. Heaters and other appliances can also be controlled by smart devices. And smart devices can play music, stream radio, play audiobooks and more all with just a voice command.

Easy-to-Use Phone with Large Buttons

A simplified phone with large buttons and clear numbers can be a valuable gift for seniors. Look for models designed specifically for seniors, which often include features like amplified sound and emergency buttons for added safety. Even if your senior parent has a cell phone they should have access to a landline as well in case of emergencies.

Meal Delivery Service

For seniors who may have difficulty preparing meals, a subscription to a meal delivery service can provide nutritious and convenient options. Meal delivery services can be a cost-effective way to make sure that your senior parent is getting nutritious meals. And it can cut down on the grocery shopping that they have to do.

Comfortable Bedding and Pillows

Is your senior parent sleeping on the same sheets that were in the house when you were little? Gift your parent some new natural fiber cotton or linen bedding that will be luxurious and cozy. Natural fiber bedding is great for seniors because it’s very breathable and good for the skin.

A Smart Doorknob With Keypad Lock

A smart doorknob with a keypad lock can be easily locked or unlocked using an app or punching a code into a keypad. It’s a fantastic option for seniors with arthritis who can’t easily grip or turn a key. And you can assign different codes to different people or unlock the door from anywhere using the app. So, if your senior parent falls and is unable to get to the door you can unlock the door for emergency services.

Subscription to Audible or an eBook Service

For seniors who enjoy reading but may have difficulty with traditional books, a subscription to an audiobook or e-book service like Audible can be a wonderful gift. This allows them to listen to their favorite books without straining their eyes.

Comfortable Slip On Shoes

Good footwear is something all seniors need, but most seniors don ‘t like to spend the money on a quality pair of shoes. Get your senior parent some sturdy, well-made, slip-on shoes with good traction that they can wear daily. Good footwear is essential for seniors. Having good shoes that fit well reduces the risk of seniors falling.

Mobility Aids

Depending on your senior parent’s needs, mobility aids such as a lightweight walker, cane, or sturdy grab bars for the bathroom can be invaluable. These aids enhance safety and independence, especially for those with mobility challenges.

Hobbies and Activity Supplies

Hobby supplies can get expensive, especially if seniors are trying lots of new hobbies. Art and craft supplies, yarn, or gift certificates to a hobby supply store are the perfect way to encourage your senior parent to try new activities.

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Jamie Shapiro