What Factors Could Be Keeping Your Aging Adult from Eating as Well as She Should?

When your elderly family member isn’t eating properly, she’s not getting the nutrition that she needs in order to stay healthy. Figuring out what is causing her to eat poorly can help you fix the problem.

Senior Care in Wilmette IL: Factors That Keep Seniors from Eating Well

Senior Care in Wilmette IL: Factors That Keep Seniors from Eating Well

Meals Are Too Large.

As your aging adult’s activity decreases, her appetite will also decrease. This might have the effect of your senior turning down meals entirely or eating so little that she’s just not getting enough nutrients from what she is eating. Serving smaller, more frequent meals can help.

Her Teeth or Mouth Hurt.

If your aging adult’s teeth or mouth hurt, then chewing can be impossible. Keeping up with brushing and flossing can help quite a bit, but don’t neglect regular dental checkups. In fact, if your senior is having difficulty keeping up with daily dental hygiene, her dentist might recommend more frequent cleanings to help make up the difference.

She Hates Eating Alone or Cooking for One.

Cooking and eating alone is something that most people find difficult at some point. For your aging adult, this can make meal times something that she chooses to avoid. Finding meal solutions, such as utilizing meal delivery services or hiring senior care providers to help with meal preparation can make a big difference.

Your Aging Adult Needs a Special Diet.

In addition to not enjoying cooking for only one person, your senior may need a special diet. This can be a pain for anyone, but combined with special dietary concerns, you may need another alternative. Depending on the complexity of the meal requirements, you may want to ask family members or home care providers to cook for your aging adult.

Her Senses of Smell or Taste Have Changed.

As your elderly family member ages, her sense of taste and smell can diminish. This can make food less appealing than it has been in the past, even if dishes are prepared the same way they always have been. One way around this is to use different herbs and spices, sometimes even increasing the amounts used, to make dishes more flavorful.

Work with your senior’s doctor to help determine which of these issues, or many others, could be keeping your senior from eating well.

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