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What Do You Know About Treating Eczema?

Senior Care in Northbrook IL: Treating Eczema

The key to keeping your elderly loved one happy and healthy when they are diagnosed with eczema is properly managing the symptoms. If you are interested in minimizing the irritating symptoms of your aging relative’s skin condition, it comes down to applying proper medicine, avoiding triggers, and implementing a proper skin care routine. National Eczema…

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Helping Seniors Living with Chronic Pain

Senior Care in Northbrook IL: Senior citizens are more likely to suffer pain than younger people because of medical conditions or changes due to aging. In fact, up to 50 percent of seniors who live at home and 75 to 85 percent of seniors in long-term care facilities experience chronic pain.

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Pressure Sores – The Hidden Risks & Warning Signs

Senior Care in Northbrook IL Pressure sores are slow healing wounds can occur in home-care patients, young and old. It’s important to understand the risk factors, the warning signs, and the prevention methods to ensure your loved one is safe. What is a Pressure Sore? A pressure sore develops when constant pressure damages flesh. The…

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