Signs that Your Senior Might be Coping with Hearing Loss

Caregiver in Lake Forest IL: Signs of Hearing Loss

Caregiver in Lake Forest IL: Signs of Hearing Loss

More than 37 million people throughout the United States, or around 15 percent of the population, are currently suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Nearly 29 million would benefit from the use of a hearing aid. Being older is the leading risk factor for hearing loss, with the majority of cases of hearing loss existing in those over the age of 64. In fact, in older adults between the ages of 64 and 74, approximately 25 percent are living with a disabling degree of hearing loss. For those over the age of 74, the risk rises to 50 percent. As a family caregiver, these statistics show you how prevalent hearing loss is, but also that it can be addressed, demonstrating the importance of identifying when your parent might be struggling with hearing loss so that you can take steps to help them maintain their independence and quality of life as they age in place.

Some signs that your elderly parent might be living with hearing loss include:

  • Difficulty carrying on or following conversations.
  • Giving strange or seemingly nonsensical answers to questions or contributions to conversations that may indicate that they are not really understanding what is being said.
  • Turning the television or radio up extremely loud and resisting turning it down even when people around them are uncomfortable and asking to turn the volume down.
  • Not wanting to be a part of social situations, such as going out to eat a meal with the family or with a group of friends, because they might struggle to understand conversations and do not want to feel as though they are disconnected from the situation.
  • Pulling, rubbing, or “digging” at their ears when someone is speaking to them or they are watching television as if they feel that there is something in their ears that is keeping them from being able to hear clearly.


If your aging parent’s challenges have increased, your schedule has become busier, or your personal limitations and challenges have come to the point that you no longer feel as though you can fulfill your loved one’s needs in the way that they deserve, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting care for them. A home care provider can step in to fill any care gaps that might exist in your care routine with your loved one, ensuring that they get what they need to remain safe, healthy, happy, and comfortable as they age in place. Not only will this help your elderly parent maintain a higher quality of life and a more fulfilling lifestyle throughout their later years, but it can also give you greater peace of mind knowing that they are getting the care, assistance, support, and encouragement that they need. If you are facing challenges related to handling potentially sensitive or emotionally vulnerable tasks for your senior, a care provider can also be a neutral, respectful party to handle these tasks so that they are met effectively while maintaining your parent’s dignity and comfort.

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