How to Get Your Senior Started with Resistance Exercises

Resistance training is one of the more simple types of exercise to start with, especially since your elderly family member can get by with a set of elastic bands to get started. But there’s more to consider, too, and these tips can help your senior get started.

Talk to Her Doctor First

Senior Care in Glenview, IL: Resistance Exercises for Seniors

Senior Care in Glenview, IL: Resistance Exercises for Seniors

Before your elderly family member starts any type of exercise routine, even one that seems really simple, it’s vital that you talk with her doctor. Her doctor can determine if exercise is okay for her right now and how much exercise she really needs. The information that you get from this conversation can help you and your senior to put together exactly the right exercise plan for her current needs.

Free up Time and Energy for Your Senior
At first, exercise might feel overwhelming for your elderly family member. She might be more tired at first and it might cut into tasks and activities that she’s already trying to keep up with regularly. It might be a good idea to hire senior care providers to help out with household tasks or to take over other tasks for her, such as driving, so that she can focus on this new addition to her schedule.

Start Slowly and Establish a Routine
It’s always easier to start out slowly and with a small exercise plan. You can gradually build it up and add to it as your aging family member’s health and stamina improve. If either of you try to rush this, then your elderly family member might wear herself out too fast or, worse, injure herself. Since that is the exact opposite of what you want, you need to take things nice and slow.

Incorporate Time for Rest, Too
Exercise isn’t all about pushing to achieve. It’s also about time to rest and allow your elderly family member’s muscles recuperate. At first, your elderly family member’s doctor might recommend exercising every other day or even only a couple of days a week. This allows you to build in that time for rest so that she’s not pushing herself too hard while she’s ramping up her exercise plans.

Your elderly family member may not be excited about the idea of exercising more often until she starts to see and feel some of the benefits. One way you can help her to do this is to keep an exercise log with details about how she’s feeling.


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Excerpt: Getting started with resistance training might be easier for your aging family member than either of you think.



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