There’s a problem that families encounter when they have a parent with Alzheimer’s. Clothing wears out, but it’s almost impossible to replace worn clothing. With short-term memories slipping away, you can take your mom or dad shopping. Hours later, those new clothes will be unrecognizable. You’ll be met with cries of “that’s not mine” or “I never would have purchased that ugly thing.”

How do you successfully shop for clothing when your parent doesn’t remember buying it? It’s a challenge, but these tips can help make it a little less stressful for you.

Aim for Styles and Colors That Are Familiar

Elderly Care Buffalo Grove, IL: How Do You Shop for Clothes for a Forgetful Parent?

When possible, look for clothes that are in the same colors and styles your mom or dad would recognize. To do this, go for the clothing your parent wore most often. If your mom wore jeans and cotton blouses the most when you were younger, look for clothing items like that. If she wore clogs, shop for clogs.

You may need to go for fashions that have been popular for several decades. If your dad seems to have strong memories of the 1960s, aim for patterns, colors, and styles from that era. It takes time and research, but it will make it easier to buy clothing he’ll wear.

Have an Extra Person on Hand for Shopping Trips

Let your parent pick out clothing he/she likes. Once it’s in the cart and attention is distracted, be ready to put things back. Your mom or dad may pick items out because the color or texture is appealing. If it’s nothing they’d wear, it’s safe to whisk it back when they’re not looking.

Be Ready to Circulate Clothes

When your parent doesn’t like clothing, you’ll find it gets handed to you to take away. Take the clothing and don’t make a big deal of it. When your parent is distracted, slip it back into the closet or dresser. Over time, you’ll find the items don’t get set aside anymore. You’ll start seeing the clothing getting worn.

Your Mom or Dad Needs Daily Help

As dementia symptoms increase, you need to make sure your mom or dad has help. Elderly care services are one of the best ways to do this. Your parent help with daily chores. They also have caregivers there to help them choose an outfit. Caregivers can reassure your mom or dad that the clothes they don’t recognize are theirs.

Caregivers offer medication reminders, assistance with meals, and transportation. Companionship is another benefit of elderly care. Call to arrange the services that will most benefit your mom or dad today.



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