Trouble with memory can be a big red flag for both you and your senior, whether it’s small stuff or big problems. There may well be something more happening, but it doesn’t do either of you any good to ignore what’s going on. Before you jump to conclusions, try some of these ideas.

Determine Where She’s Experiencing the Most Difficulty

Elder Care Evanston, IL: Seniors and Memory Loss

Your senior might have more trouble with some aspects of memory and cognition than others, so it’s important to understand what’s giving her the most trouble. She might have a tough time remembering to do certain things, like take her medication, for instance. Or she might forget where she’s going. Start collecting information about when and where she’s having memory problems.

What Else Is Going on for Her?
Are there other issues as well? Your senior might be having trouble sleeping or she might be experiencing these issues only when she takes a certain medication. It helps to have as complete a picture as you can. You might want to start tracking how often she has trouble, when it happens, and the severity of the issue.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek More Help
The next step is to take this information to your senior’s doctor. There may be some obvious issues, such as previous health conditions she’s had that would eventually lead to memory issues. Or there may be combinations of medications that are not working well for her. With all of the information you’ve collected to this point, your senior’s doctor can at least start to help you to put together what’s happening and get you started on a solution.

Line up Some Possible Answers
Keeping notes around the house as reminders can help quite a bit. It can also help your elderly family member to have a notebook of her own that she can write reminders in. Labels can help, too, especially if your elderly family member forgets where things are located in the house. It might also be a good idea to hire elder care providers, especially if you need to leave your senior on her own. She may feel more comfortable knowing there’s someone else there.

Your senior may be experiencing normal memory issues, or she may be on the edge of something bigger. Regardless, there’s plenty that you can do to help her to feel safer and more secure, even if she’s having memory problems.

Excerpt: Memory problems can be scary for your senior, especially if she’s worried that this is the start of something else.


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