One of the rooms you might not realize has some safety hazards lurking in it is your aging family member’s bedroom. Here are some ideas for making it safer. 

Declutter the Bedroom as Much as Possible

Senior Care Deerfield, IL: Bedroom Safety

Clutter anywhere creates big problems, but that’s especially true in your senior’s bedroom. If she’s got extra furniture in the room that she really doesn’t need or other items that are out of place, find a new spot for those items. Make sure that clothes and other items that don’t need to be on the floor are picked up and put away. It’s also a good idea to evaluate whether throw rugs are useful or a hazard. 

Make Sure Nightstands Have Enough Space and Are Strong Enough 

Your senior’s nightstand needs to have enough space on it to properly hold whatever it is that she needs to keep with her overnight. That might include things like a lamp, alarm clock, and her cell phone. But she may also need a bottle of water, medications, and other things. If her current nightstand won’t hold those items, then things can fall off and become a hazard. Also, if your senior loses her balance, she might reach out to her nightstand for support. Weak nightstands won’t have the support your senior needs. 

Pay Attention to Bed Linens and Pillows, Too 

If your elderly family member’s current bed linens are oversized, that can be a potential problem area, too. When she’s got the bed turned down, look to make sure that the linens don’t puddle on the floor, creating a hazard. Also, if there are too many linens she might feel “stuck” in bed, which can be another hazard. Too many pillows might mean she has to step on one, and that can easily cause her foot to slide out from under her. 

Add a Nightlight 

Seeing well at night can help your senior to avoid a whole host of problems. Consider adding a motion-sensitive nightlight so that she’s able to get light when she needs it. Turning on lights might not be the best answer, because that can ruin her night vision completely and cause her to have more trouble getting back to sleep. 

Some seniors have difficulty overnight, and this can create some unique challenges for you as a family caregiver. If that describes your senior’s situation, then hiring senior care providers for overnight assistance might be a good idea. 


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