Top Skin Care Tips for Older Adults

Each year, the first week of August is dedicated to facial skincare. Why August? August is the hottest, steamiest month for many areas of the U.S. You sweat a lot, and that can build up and irritate the skin. Take time during National Cleanse Your Skin to learn everything you need to know about the best ways to care for aging skin.

Stay Hydrated

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Proper skincare starts with proper hydration. Fill a two-liter pitcher with water each day and add slices of lemon, orange, or another fragrant fruit. By the end of the day, your mom and dad want to have consumed two liters of water. Your dad should aim for three, if possible.

Moisturize Often

Your mom and dad should moisturize their skin as soon as they’ve patted it dry. A fragrance-free moisturizer is ideal. Your parents may find that the items that work best for their skin are oils rather than moisturizers. Hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil are three popular skin serums for aging skin.

In the day, your parents want to stick to a face moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Aim for 30 SPF or higher, and apply it every two hours when they’re outside. The sunscreen needs to be broad-spectrum to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Not Every Soap Is Created For Your Specific Needs

Everyone’s skin has different needs. Those needs change as you age. As a teenager, your skin may have been very oily and prone to breakouts. At that point, you started using a product like Noxema, and you’ve never stopped.

Years later, your skin isn’t the same. You have wrinkles, and your skin tends to feel dry. You need a product that helps restore the moisture barrier rather than dry it out with ingredients like baking soda and sodium chloride.

Your skin may become more sensitive as you age. Many adults discover they have rosacea, which often appears after the age of 30. If you’re one of those people, many skin care ingredients trigger flare-ups. You have to be very careful about added fragrances, chemicals, and other components.

Make sure your parents have a gentle, non-irritating product for their skincare needs. Brands that dermatologists recommend help you narrow down the best options. Sometimes, skipping the soap and washing only with water is best of all.

Have you thought about the benefits of home care? If your mom and dad struggle with personal care and hygiene, caregivers are trained to help. Caregivers can help them shop for skincare products and assist with washing and moisturizing. Call to learn more.

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