Your senior and his or her family caregiver may have a pretty good idea of what basic nutritional requirements he or she needs. But are they really getting enough protein? And from a variety of sources? If not, here are some suggestions for popular protein ideas: 


  • Beef: Beef in any form provides a tremendous amount of protein, in addition to Vitamin B and iron. Leaner cuts of beef, of course, provide

    Caregiver in Wilmette, IL: Protein Sources

    lower fat options while still offering top nutrition levels.  


  • Poultry: Chicken and turkey tend to offer leaner protein sources and can be made in a wide variety of ways and methods. 


  • Seafood: While being mindful of the mercury issue, fish and seafood offer some of the best protein sources as well as omega-3 fatty acids. From salmon to tuna, there are healthy options for this main protein source. 


  • Eggs: For years there was debate about whether the white or the yolk should be eaten and whether to eat the whole egg. That debate has now come down firmly in favor of eggs as a great source of protein and other micronutrients. Pre-packaged hard boiled eggs can be purchased in grocery stores for those who want a ready-to-eat protein for breakfast.


  • Yogurt: With Greek yogurt all the rage, some seniors may be wondering about its health benefits. The fact is that most Greek yogurt contains far more protein and probiotics than its traditional counterparts. Especially since it can come in individual packages or in bulk, it’s a great staple to keep in the fridge for when your senior is looking for something cool and creamy.


  • Milk: With all of the options available from nonfat to whole milk, and with some made organic or adding Omega 3 fatty acids, milk may be the best liquid protein choice. 


  • Soy: Vegetarians and vegans may depend on tofu and edamame to meet their nutritional needs for protein, but the fact remains that in order to obtain all the health benefits of protein, a wide variety of plant based substitutes is necessary. 


  • Nuts: Cashews, almonds, peanuts, and other nuts, while high in fat, offer an excellent protein source but should be eaten in moderation. 


  • Beans: These inexpensive protein-packed legumes can add high levels of fiber and protein to many soups and main dishes with little effort.


  • Whole Grains: Simply by replacing processed grains with whole grains, white rice with brown rice, and adding sources such as quinoa to the diet, your senior can get a bunch of extra protein.  


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