Everyone should have a budget. While people may not always stick to their budget, having one can at least give them a guideline of where their money needs to go. With this being said, your elderly loved one may already have a budget. It might not include home renovations. What happens if they want to make renovations or remodel their home? What are they supposed to do? They can add these projects into their budget in the following months. In fact, there are some ways that your elderly loved one can change their home while sticking to a budget.

Moving Furniture Around

Elder Care Glenview, IL: Seniors and Budgets

One of the free home renovation options for your elderly loved one is to move their furniture around. This is something that can make the entire room look different, yet it doesn’t cost any money. For example, if your elderly loved one has their couch against the wall, they may want to try moving it away from the wall a bit and put a bookshelf or stand behind the couch. It would be a good idea if you or elder care providers helped your elderly loved one to move their furniture. This way, they weren’t getting injured in the process.

Doing Crafts

Another way that your elderly loved one can remodel or renovate their home on a budget is to do crafts. For example, if your elderly loved one wants to change up their kitchen, they can use fabric to make a new tablecloth. If they want to make their home look more inviting, they can make curtains out of fabric or make a wreath for their front door. These are just some of the many different craft ideas that can make a home look different, while still staying on a budget.


Your elderly loved one can also make their home different by painting. It is quite amazing how much paint can change the way a room looks. You or an elder care provider may want to sit down with your elderly loved one and look online for painting ideas. There are different paint techniques that can be done to make a home look more rustic, charming, or fancy. Depending on the type of home that your elderly loved one wants, they can choose a paint style that fits their desires.

Go to Secondhand Shops

Your elderly loved one can also go to secondhand shops. They can find furniture, decor, dishes, and other things to make changes to their home. These are shops that have products at discounted prices. This way, your elderly loved one can stay on a budget while changing the look of their house.


These are some of the ways that your elderly loved one can change their home on a budget. Now that you know about these tips, you and elder care providers can share them with your elderly loved one today.

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How to Renovate Your Whole House When You’re on a Budget

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