For some people with arthritis, understanding why is an important part of the coping process. There are a lot of different reasons that your senior could be dealing with arthritis pain, and chances are good that she’s dealing with it for a variety of different reasons.

Her Joints Are Aging

Home Care Wilmette, IL: Five Reasons Your Senior Might Have Arthritis

As your senior grows older, her joints are aging, too. Just the process of using her joints over the span of her life adds wear and tear to those joints. There’s usually more to it than this, but even someone who has none of the other factors in this list can experience arthritis, simply because of aging.

There’s a Family History

A family history of most ailments usually means a predisposition for someone to share those ailments and health conditions. That’s the case with arthritis, too. Some types of autoimmune illnesses, like rheumatoid arthritis, are even more likely to be a problem if there’s a family history. Your senior may know some of that family history, but there may be details that she’s never known.

She Has Older Injuries

Injuries are one of the most common causes for arthritis later in life. Injuries cause damage to joints, and over time that damage builds up and can manifest as arthritis eventually. Your senior may find that joints which cause her problems now are ones that she injured earlier in her life, even if they healed correctly at the time.

She’s Engaged in Repetitive Motions for a Long Time

Repetitive actions and motions add wear and tear to your senior’s joints. This could be from actions she performed at her job over the years or while she engaged in sports. Some people find that they experience arthritis primarily in their dominant hands, which can be incredibly frustrating as they try to continue to do what they’ve always done.

She’s Carrying a Few Extra Pounds

If your elderly family member is experiencing arthritis in her lower body, like in her hips or her knees, being even a little bit heavier than normal can exacerbate the pain and soreness that she experiences. Talk with her doctor about what she should do in order to alleviate that situation. There could be strengthening exercises that help or dietary changes that make a difference.

Arthritis can keep your senior from doing the things that she loves to do as well as the things that she needs to do. If mobility is becoming a hindrance, hiring home care providers can help. They can ensure your senior is safe and help her to do what she needs to do.


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