Taking the best care possible of your senior is about more than maintaining her physical health. It also includes maintaining and improving her independence, so she can continue to enjoy a high quality of life throughout her remaining years. Your senior will thrive in an environment where she can continue to live independently, with a little guidance from you.  

Help Your Loved One Express Herself 

Elder Care Skokie, IL: Independence for Your Senior

As your loved one ages, her physical capabilities may diminish, but her desire to live with dignity does not. Give her plenty of opportunities to express herself, whether it’s through the clothes she chooses each day or the meals she selects for the week. Even if you feel she should participate in a certain activity she may express a preference for something else. Whatever the situation, seek out her opinion first, to indicate that you respect her individuality and her independence.  

Include Her While Making Plans that Affect Her 

Aging adults face many major health and life decisions, and their needs should be taken into consideration at each step in the process. Have a full discussion with your senior whenever she is facing a challenging decision. Make time to answer all of her concerns and solidify her place as an active member in her own future plans. 

Give Your Senior a Sense of Purpose 

While an aging adult’s mobility may decrease as she ages, she still wants to live her life with a sense of meaning and direction. Ask her about what kinds of opportunities would light her up, and help her to get started. Whether it’s knitting caps for newborns or writing letters to a pen pal, any type of meaningful activities will help your elderly family member to feel more connected to the world around her 

Encourage Socialization as Much as Possible 

The connections your senior has made throughout her life do not have to diminish as she grows older. Include plenty of opportunities for socialization in her routine, both with family members and friends, as well as with acquaintances at the local senior community center. Elder care providers are also excellent companions, while providing extra help. These interactions provide a welcome reprieve from the daily demands of your elderly family member’s health issues and help her to maintain her passion for life. 

Increasing your senior’s independence can be easily incorporated into her routine with a bit of consideration and planning. Help her to live her best life, on her own terms. 


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