Four Tips for Dressing after a Stroke

After a stroke, lots of things about your senior’s life are likely to be extremely different. She may not have the same mobility that she had in the past, which means that simple daily tasks like getting dressed are not so simple anymore.


Choose Clothing Carefully

Elder Care Northbrook, IL: Dressing after a Stroke

Elder Care Northbrook, IL: Dressing after a Stroke

Clothing that fits loosely is often easier to put on, especially for someone with mobility issues. You might want to also look more closely at the types of closures that are on the clothing. Buttons and zippers can be difficult to manage. Velcro and clothing that slips on or that is elasticized can be much easier to work with on a daily basis. Try a few different options to see what works best for your senior.

Use Sturdy Supports When Standing
When it’s time to pull up pants or shorts, your senior needs something really sturdy to use to support herself. If you’re helping her with her clothing, you might not be the right support for her at that moment. A sturdy piece of furniture, like a heavy dresser, might be helpful. Another option is to install a hand rail that your elderly family member can use.

Stay Seated as Much as Possible
One solution that might not occur to your senior is to stay seated while getting dressed. This may not be how she’s gotten dressed in the past, but it can help her to have the energy she needs for what can feel like an arduous process. It also allows her to avoid having to worry about losing her balance while she’s putting on a shirt or other piece of clothing.

Rely on Someone Else
It’s not easy to help your senior to get dressed on your own. If her mobility is severely limited, the problem can feel even more complicated. One solution that can help more than you realize is to hire elder care providers. They have experience helping older adults to get dressed and they can show you both some techniques that can work well for her specific situation. Your senior may also feel more comfortable with someone who has experience in helping adults get dressed.

Your senior may find that she’s able to gradually improve her ability to perform tasks like getting dressed. For some stroke survivors, though, dramatic improvements in motor skills aren’t possible. Work with your elderly family member to find solutions that help her as much as she needs without reducing her sense of independence.


Excerpt: Simple activities, like getting dressed, are so much more difficult after a stroke. These tips can help your senior.


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