Elder Care Advice on the Importance of Good Nutrition

Senior Nutrition: Elder Care Deerfield IL

Senior Nutrition: Elder Care Deerfield IL

Older adults must control their food and nutrition intake for optimal health. Recent reports show over 60 million people in the country are over 65 years old. Eating less is a significant concern that usually leads to malnutrition. 5 million households with older adults claim their loved ones can’t eat healthy and nutritious food. With that in mind, professional elder care is an excellent solution to maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring the body gets essential nutrients to cope with pre-existing complications. A certified caregiver understands the importance of good nutrition and pays attention to what your loved one eats to improve overall health.

What is Good Nutrition?

A healthy diet for an older adult should include plenty of natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits. In addition, protein and grains should be part of the dietary plan. If you lack the expertise or knowledge to prepare a balanced diet for an older adult, it may be time to talk to an elder care expert. Many things make up a balanced diet, but not all are ideal for seniors. Foods with high salt levels, cholesterol, and fat can increase susceptibility to high blood pressure.

Another benefit of working with an experienced elder care professional is guaranteeing the right mix of macronutrients. This goes a long way in ensuring the senior enjoys a varied and balanced diet full of all the essential vitamins and minerals needed.

Why is Good Hydration Important?

The human body comprises 60% water, which helps with vital processes. That is why you should ensure your loved one hydrates regularly and consumes at least two liters daily. Although age, body size, and environmental factors can affect hydration requirements, working with a certified elder care provider can eliminate guesswork. Hydration helps maintain several functions, including the brain and heart. In addition, ensuring your loved one is hydrated reduces the risk of different illnesses, such as UTIs which are a major risk for seniors.

As people age, it becomes difficult to stay hydrated: mostly to avoid going to the bathroom a lot. However, it is important to encourage elderly family and friends to continue drinking water. If an older adult is under your care, ensure they drink water regularly. Always having a glass of clean water within reach is also a good idea.

What Makes it Harder for Older Adults to Eat?

Many people lose interest in everyday activities like cooking and eating with age. This results in malnutrition and increases the risk of new or further health complications. However, minor changes can help your loved one overcome such challenges. Older adults who live alone, have health problems, and have lost the sense of smell or taste tend to be the most vulnerable. The most effective solution is to hire an elder care expert to help with the nutrition and hydration needs.

If you have an older adult in your care, regularly check for signs of malnutrition. Schedule a consultation with a professional to learn how to improve your loved one’s health and well-being. Consider a certified elder care provider if you need assistance to improve the quality of life at home.

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