Can Your Aging Adult Experience Memory Loss Due to Her Health?

When your elderly family member starts experiencing memory loss, she might chalk it up to aging or even to dementia, but that’s not always the culprit. The truth is that there are a variety of situations that can steal your senior’s memory. And the good news is that some of these issues are reversible, which can return her memory to her.

Home Care in Evanston IL: Causes of Memory Loss

Home Care in Evanston IL: Causes of Memory Loss

Brain Injuries or Infections.

Whether your aging family member falls and hits her head or has a tumor or infection in her brain, her memory may be affected. Her doctor can help you to determine if the memory loss is likely to be permanent or if the problem will go away when the underlying issue is corrected.

Side Effects from Medications.

Some medications can cause side effects that affect your elderly family member in dramatic ways. One of the most frustrating side effects can be memory loss that ranges from mild to severe. This is especially upsetting if the medication is one that your aging adult needs and can’t change. Her doctor may be able to adjust the dosage or try a different medication.

Poor Diet.

Poor nutrition takes a lot out of your elderly family member’s body. Her muscles and bones will suffer, as will her internal organs. But one of the hardest hit organs will be her brain. Your elderly family member’s brain relies on vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats in order to function properly. If you’re in doubt as to what your senior should be eating, consult a nutritionist to formulate a plan.


Even mild depression can sap your elderly family member’s concentration and ability to remember the information she needs to remember. Addressing the depression can often remove the issue of memory loss completely, so that should always be what you try first.

Alcohol-related Illnesses.

Even if your elderly family member hasn’t had alcohol in years, her body may be dealing with the effects of overindulging. Alcohol-related illnesses can damage your aging family member’s memory, leaving her feeling frustrated with that loss.

If your elderly family member is feeling uncomfortable on her own with memory issues in play, consider hiring home care providers to give her a little bit of extra help.

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