Ways to Get Your Dad's Medication Information Organized and Accessible

Senior Care in Glenview IL: Organizing Medication Information

Senior Care in Glenview IL: Organizing Medication Information

Your dad’s medication information should be organized and made accessible to anyone with medical power of attorney. Your dad’s doctor, dentist, and any other specialists may need exact information during an appointment. It’s important to have a list ready to go.

In terms of medication information, you need to know prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements. If your dad likes a medicinal tea, it must be included. Herbs and over-the-counter pills may conflict with treatments doctors want to use. It’s vital for them to have the most current information during an appointment or emergency visit.

Here are a few ways to make sure the information is organized, up-to-date, and accessible.

1. Go Through His Cabinet to Check Dates, Dosages, and Ask if He Still Takes It.

Start by going through your dad’s medicine cabinet. Pull everything out and check expiration dates. Properly dispose of anything that expired. Next, ask him if he still takes that medication. If he does, ask how often. Jot down the name of the medication or supplement, the dosage, and how often he takes it.

2.  Create an Online Document.

Google Drive is very handy in that you can create a private spreadsheet and invite specific people to access it. Create a spreadsheet or document with a listing of the medications, dosages, and other important information. Print it out before appointments. You can also share it with family members, your dad, his doctors, and anyone who oversees some of your dad’s care.

3.  Keep Medications Together in a Locked Cabinet.

A locked cabinet is important. Not only will it prevent grandchildren from accidentally accessing medications, but it can keep your dad from doubling a dosage. If his memory is lapsing at all, the risk of him taking too much medication is possible. Put medications in alphabetical order or by how frequently he takes the medication.

4. Try a Medication Organizer and Reminder App.

Check the App Store or Google Play for apps that help with medication reminders and organization. MediSafe is one of many options. While it does offer reminders, it also provides information on the medications being taken and any potential side effects. He can also get coupons that help him save money on refills.

Look into senior care services to make sure your dad has the help he needs with his daily medications. A caregiver can remind him when it’s time to take a dose and keep him from taking a pill too often. Call your local senior care agency to learn more about medication reminders.

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