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Seniors with COPD May Need In-Home Care

Home Care in Glenview IL: In-Home Care for COPD

When an elderly adult is diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, it is the beginning of a series of treatments to help control the symptoms of the condition. Seniors who have previously lived independently in their own home may need more help around the house and with self-care than before. How Does COPD…

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Could Your Elderly Parent be Suffering from Malnutrition?

Home Care in Glenview IL: September 18 through 22 is Malnutrition Awareness Week. This is the ideal time for you to learn more about malnutrition and how it can impact your parent so that you are able to make changes that will help to prevent malnutrition or help your parent to recover from it.

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Home Care Tips: Simple Ways to Conserve Water

Home Care in Glenview IL Keeping an eye on your elderly loved ones’ budget is an important part of your home care efforts with them, and one of the most effective ways that you can trim down their monthly costs while also giving them the emotional boost of knowing that they are doing something to…

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