Seniors with COPD May Need In-Home Care

When an elderly adult is diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, it is the beginning of a series of treatments to help control the symptoms of the condition. Seniors who have previously lived independently in their own home may need more help around the house and with self-care than before.

Home Care in Glenview IL: In-Home Care for COPD

Home Care in Glenview IL: In-Home Care for COPD

How Does COPD Affect Seniors?

With COPD, the lungs are limited as to how much airflow they can handle. With symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, and fatigue, it’s easy to see how elderly adults can struggle in their day-to-day lives with COPD. They can struggle to do even the simplest tasks during a flare-up, such as preparing a meal or doing the dishes. With such fatigue, even getting from room to room can be a struggle.

Most seniors experience good weeks and bad, depending on the triggers for the COPD, which include asthma, smoking, bronchitis, and air pollution exposure. If not treated properly, or if seniors disregard the treatment plan from the doctor, COPD can lead to long-term health problems such as heart disease and lung disease. COPD can be particularly hard for elderly adults to live with when they also suffer from other age-related health issues. In many cases, the aging adult cannot manage the daily tasks they need to in order to stay safe and healthy at home.

In-Home Care Providers Help Seniors with COPD.

There are several factors that make up an overall treatment plan for seniors with COPD. Family caregivers and home care providers need to assist the aging adult in following the treatment steps as closely as possible to minimize those symptoms. The first step is to have the aging adult take medication to help control the coughing and wheezing. Home care providers can remind seniors when it is time to take the medicine, so they don’t lapse.

Respiratory therapy is another important part of treating COPD symptoms in seniors. In this therapy program, professionals teach them how to breathe properly and help them with some breathing exercises and breathing treatments. Healthy eating, regular activity, and plenty of restful sleep are other ways to minimize the effects of COPD.

Because there is no cure for COPD, the best chance that seniors have in maintaining a high quality of life is to get help from family caregivers and home care providers. When the home care provider can help with bathing, dressing, laundry, house cleaning, meal preparation, and more, the aging adult won’t get as worn out and will feel better. With help and a good treatment plan, the senior with COPD can manage their symptoms well and still age in place at home.

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