Tips to Help Dad Spring Clean his Yard

Senior Care in Highland Park IL: Tips to Help Dad Spring Clean his Yard

Senior Care in Highland Park IL: Tips to Help Dad Spring Clean his Yard

Having a yard that looks nice and is enjoyable to spend time in can help senior citizens want to spend more time outside. Spending time outside is important since it can help your dad remain more physically active and allows him to reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Many people use the warmer days of spring to clean up the yard and get it ready for summer. If your dad is receiving senior care at home, he may be unable to work in the yard the way he once did, leaving family members responsible for taking care of the outdoor duties that come with keeping dad happily living at home. There are several areas of the yard that will need some attention in the spring. Below is list of yard care tasks you may want to include in your spring cleaning list for the yard.

  • Spring Lawn Care: Rake up any leaves and pick up any sticks that have been gathered during the winter months. Look for any dead patches of grass that need re-seeding. Rake away any dead grass and turn the top layer of soil. Sprinkle grass seeds and keep them moist until the grass begins to grow.
  • Clean Up Debris: During the winter bits of garbage like paper, plastic bags, and food wrappers can blow into the yard and get caught in dry trees and bushes, or be buried under the snow. Conduct a thorough walk-through of the yard and collect any debris.
  • Tips for Trees and Shrubs: Trim away any dead branches from trees and shrubs. Use hand clippers to trim and shape hedges.
  • Ready the Lawn Mower: You’ll be needing the lawnmower soon, so be sure it’s in shape for summer. Remove and replace dirty oil, replace spark plugs, and have the blades sharpened.
  • Perennial Preparations: Thin out overcrowded perennial beds by removing and separating some of the plants. Trim back flowering perennials and ornamental grasses so that new growth can begin.
  • Flower Beds: Rake dead leaves out of flower beds and pull up any annuals that weren’t removed in the fall. Fertilize the soil so that rainy spring days can help carry the fertilizer deep into the soil.
  • Sidewalks, Steps, and Patios: Sweep all hard surfaces and rake any loose gravel back to where it belongs. You may also wish to pressure wash sidewalks and patios. Look for any cracks or raised areas that could cause your dad to trip and address them to prevent your dad from falling and injuring himself.


Taking charge of the yard in the spring can make summer upkeep faster and easier. Once your dad’s yard is cleaned up, he can enjoy spending time in it without worrying about tasks that need completing. Instead, he can simply sit back and relax while passing the time with his family, friends, and senior care providers.


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