Raw Water – It's a New Trend That Could Make Your Mom Sick

A California start-up has been trending in the media recently. The company sells “raw water.” Essentially, they’re selling spring water that has not been treated or filtered in any way. They claim the water is as healthy as you can get because it is free of pollution or chemicals. They sell the raw water for a lot of money, but they also recommend that others go out and find a spring and collect and drink pure, untreated spring and mountain stream water.

Elderly Care in Deerfield IL: Dangers of Raw Water

Elderly Care in Deerfield IL: Dangers of Raw Water

People are paying upwards of $60 per jug for raw water. They believe they’re buying water that will improve their health. The opposite can be true. If your mom has seen ads for raw water and is considering it, here’s why she needs to be cautious.

Dangers of Raw Water.

Unfiltered and untreated water often has bacteria and parasites hidden within. The bacteria and parasites find their way into the water when wild animals or even humans go to the bathroom in and near a water source. Some of the common issues are cholera, E. coli, and giardia.

Cholera occurs when the bacterium gets into a water source through an infected person’s waste. Eating raw shellfish, such as raw oysters, is one of the main ways for cholera bacterium to get into a person. The main symptom of a cholera infection is diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration.

You’re probably familiar with E. coli. It comes from a bacterium known as Escherichia coli. Some strains never affect people, but there some cause intestinal illness with vomiting and diarrhea. It gets into water sources through animals like cows or even wild animals. Again, dehydration is the main concern.

Giardia is a parasite that gets into soil and water from wild and domesticated animal feces. Drinking raw water is one of the most common ways to get the parasite. Symptoms include stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea. Over time, the parasite can cause weight loss. The body also has a hard time absorbing vitamin A and B12. Prescription medications are needed to kill the parasite.

Drink Clean, Filtered Water.

Make sure your mom stays hydrated by drinking filtered water. If she drinks from a private well, she should have her water tested and treated if necessary.

Caregivers can help make sure your mom is drinking clean water throughout the day. Elderly care services can take your mom shopping, help her put away items, and keep track of when water filter changes need to be completed.

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