Congratulations to Hannah Binondo for becoming employee of the month!!! Hannah has been a caregiver with Companion Services of America since 2011 and is a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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Should I Help My Aging Relative To Quit Smoking?

Elderly Care Highland Park IL Quit Smoking

Before scientific research came out about how bad smoking is for the body, many young people started the habit and have smoked their entire lives. Those people are not elderly Americans and have a lifetime of smoking behind them. Many family caregivers wonder if it’s worth it to work with their aging relative to try…

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How Hot Cocoa May Help with MS Fatigue

Home Care Deerfield IL: How Hot Cocoa May Help with MS Fatigue

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) battle all kinds of challenging symptoms. One of them is fatigue. Fatigue is an extreme feeling of sleepiness that doesn’t go away even after the person rests. About 80 percent of people with MS report having fatigue. It may not sound like a serious problem, but for people with MS…

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Did You Realize Caregiving Would Ask So Much of You?

Elder Care Northbrook IL: Did You Realize Caregiving Would Ask So Much of You?

For some caregivers there was never a question about whether or not they would be the one to help their aging family member. But the reality of the situation can be kind of a lot to take in, especially for brand new caregivers. If that’s the situation that you’re experiencing, you’re not alone. There is…

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