At the end of December 2019, new laws protecting people from robocalls came into effect. The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act fines spam robocallers as much as $10,000 per call. The FCC has four years now to go after the scammers instead of one, which may lead to better success rates.

It also forces phone companies to adopt technology that ensures all incoming calls are legitimate before they reach the person at home or on a cellphone.

Another protective measure is designed to help consumers identify spoofed calls. If a call coming in looks like it’s from one number but is actually from another number, an alert is given to warn people before they answer.

What is a Robocall?

Senior Care Skokie, IL: Robocalls

Have you ever answered the phone and gotten a recorded message instructing you to do something? If you have, that’s a robocall. When you answer the phone, a computerized voice instructs you to stay on the line to be connected to a representative or to press “1” now.

Robocalls are one way people of all ages are scammed out of money. Some of the top robocalls are:

Car Warranty – You answer the phone and a robotic voice tells you your car’s warranty expired. You’re directed to sign up for extended warranty coverage to protect yourself from costly repairs that are common as your car ages. The plan costs a lot of money and is often useless.

Credit Card Rates – The robotic caller tells you that you qualify for lower interest rates. All you have to do is enter your credit card number and stay on the line. Sharing your card number over the phone is a red flag.

Tech Support – The computer says there’s a problem with your computer or cell phone and directs you to purchase a prepaid gift card. Once that step’s complete, you share the card details with a website you’ve been told to visit. The scammers that run the site take the money and disappear. There never was a problem with your computer or cell phone.

People of all ages fall for scams, but seniors are more likely to pay scammers. These new laws may help your parents avoid scams. Another way to help them is by making sure they have help at home. Senior care can keep your parents from falling for scammers by having someone there for guidance on whether it’s safe to answer the phone.

Caregivers can also make sure your parents don’t get a call and rush to the store to get gift cards or wire cash. Learn more about the ways senior care services help your parents by calling a local agency.


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