Make it colorful

Visually appealing foods in bright, bold colors of nature may be more enticing to seniors who are used to seeing the same old soft foods as oatmeal, cereal, and smoothies.

They are also better for them as well. Consuming colorful fruits and vegetables pigmented in reds and purples, which are often higher in powerful antioxidants, are known for helping to maintain a healthy heart and memory function which is fantastic news for those receiving senior care.

Studies have also shown that the pigments in the colorful fruits and vegetables can decrease the risk of macular degeneration, certain types of cancer, and stroke.

Make it cute

Senior Care Highland Park, IL: Making Food Fun for Seniors

If you or your senior parent’s caregivers have a creative flair, consider using Pinterest or even just your imagination to make their food into shapes, animals, or edible pictures. There are lots of simple ways online that you can turn fruits and vegetables into fun, unique, and enticing objects that are also sure to bring a smile to your senior’s face as well.

Change the scenery

Your loved one at home receiving senior care may be bored with their surroundings if they are immobile or are just used to the same routine day after day. Try changing up the atmosphere during mealtimes by playing music that they like, making a lunchtime picnic in the living room or back yard, or picking a theme, such as Italian, and choosing things that will make the meal different and fun.

Finger foods

For some in senior care, using utensils can be tedious and difficult as they try to manage their loss of dexterity, which is not uncommon for the elderly. Consider changing their meals up a bit with interesting finger foods they may not have tried before and see if it helps them to eat by making the process easier without cumbersome silverware to navigate.

Serve it differently

If your senior is used to eating the same foods week after week, in the same bowls or on the same plates, try mixing up how their foods are served for a new dining experience for them. Dig out the fancy china or serve meals family-style. Use brightly colored serving plates to make it visually appealing to your senior.

Use fresh herbs and spices. If your loved one is tired of bland foods, try spicing it up, literally, with fresh herbs and spices from the garden or pantry.
Cinnamon, for example, is rich in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Research suggests that it may even fight chronic inflammation, support heart health and help maintain healthy blood sugar metabolism.

Basil is easily grown in backyard gardens, is low maintenance, and is packed with vitamin K and contains flavonoids that protect your cells and DNA from damage. It has potent antibacterial properties and contains compounds that may even be effective against antibiotic-resistant disease. Eugenol, another compound in basil, is anti-inflammatory, while whole basil offers important nutrients for cardiovascular health like magnesium.


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The Health Benefits of Cooking with Herbs and Spices