Is Your Aging Adult Turning Down Help from Senior Care Providers?

It’s definitely irritating to work so hard to line up elderly care providers only to have your senior refuse help from them. This is especially true when your elderly family member needs a good bit of help. Here are some ways to cope and hopefully convince your senior to give helpers a chance.

Senior Care in Evanston IL: When a Senior Turns Down Help

Senior Care in Evanston IL: When a Senior Turns Down Help

Give Examples of How the Senior Care Providers Can Help.

Sometimes knowing what the elder care providers are there to do can help your aging adult to rest easier with the idea. Toward that end, give your elderly family member some examples of what those folks are there to do. They may be there to help with cooking or light housework, all of which can make your senior’s life so much easier.

Do Some Role-playing Exercises.

Working with someone new can be intimidating for your aging adult. Try some role-playing exercises to help her. You can try being her or  you can be the senior care providers. Listen carefully to how your senior responds in these exercises because they can clue you in to her underlying fears about the situation.

Set up Trial Run Experiences with Different Senior Care Providers.

If your elderly family member is open to the idea, try setting up several trial runs with different care providers. Knowing that these experiences are temporary and experimental can help your aging adult to have more of an open mind about the situation. This is also a good way to try out several different care providers, which can help you to find a good fit for your aging adult.

Let Her Know How Much This Helps You.

Your elderly family member may be operating from her perspective only, which can be that she doesn’t need or want help. But if she can start to understand and appreciate how much senior care providers do for you, she may be more willing to give this idea a solid try. Be open with your elderly family member about how much pressure you’re experiencing and how this alleviates some of that pressure.

Make sure that you really listen to your aging adult so you can understand what her objections are. In the end, if she’s determined to avoid help, she may become more adamant.

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