Fire detectors are essential all year long. Testing the batteries and alarms is recommended each month. It’s also important to check the date code on the detectors in the home and replace them if it’s been 10 years. If it’s time to replace your parents’ smoke and fire detectors, these are the factors to consider when buying new ones.

Weigh Removable Batteries vs. 10-Year Batteries

Home Care Northbrook, IL:Important Factors to Consider When Buying New Fire Detectors

Some detectors now have 10-year batteries that are built-in and never need changing twice a year. If you don’t like the idea of your mom or dad climbing on a ladder twice a year to change batteries, the 10-year detectors are ideal. You still need to test them to ensure it’s working.

Understand the Difference Between Photoelectric and Ionization Detectors

Photoelectric detectors are faster at detecting smoke from a smoldering fire while ionization smoke alarms from active flames. State regulations differ, so it’s important to see what type of detector is required in your parents’ town.

To have the best protection, look for a dual smoke/fire detector that checks for both. This way, no matter what the state, town, or city code is, your parents will have a detector that meets the requirements.

Pay More for Additional Features

It may be better to spend extra and get an all-in-one detector that checks for carbon monoxide, flames, and smoke. Smoke detectors that scan for multiple dangers are cost-effective solutions. Instead of paying for two or three detectors to cover each danger, you’re getting the best protection in one unit.

If you’re interested in smart technology, look into smart smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors. The benefits to these are that you can get alerts to your phone or computer, adjust the volume levels on the detectors, test the alarms from your device, and check the battery levels remotely. This makes it easy to see if there are issues at your parents’ house while you’re away.

The other thing to consider is to have the alarm set to notify the local fire department. If there is an issue, they’d get a call and go right out without your parents having to make the call.

Have you thought about the amount of time your parents are alone at home? How often are you or your brothers and sisters able to check on them? It may be time to hire home care aides and ensure your parents are safe and have everything they need to live independently. Call a home care agency to make arrangements.



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