The goal of home care is to aid your mom in living independently. She doesn’t have to move to another community. Caregivers come to her home and help her with tasks she cannot do without help. You don’t have to rearrange your busy work week and weekend to fit in all of the help she needs. 
Home Care Helps With Housework

Home Care in Highland Park, IL: Home Care Can Help Everyon

Lifting a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs can be hard. You don’t want your mom struggling and falling when she tries. If she’s reached a point where she cannot go up and down the stairs without holding onto the rail, she shouldn’t be vacuuming the stairs or carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs. 
Caregivers can vacuum, dust, mop, and sweep floors within the home. You can have them load and run the dishwasher and put away dishes after. They can dust, wipe down surfaces, and clean sinks. 
Have caregivers change your mom’s sheets and towels. Once the bed is made, they can wash and dry dirty laundry. After it’s dry, they can iron anything that needs ironing, fold everything, and put it away. 
Home Care Helps With Meals 
Does your mom hate cooking meals now? Does she have ankle or knee pain that makes it hard to stand in the kitchen for more than a few minutes? Caregivers can prepare meals and snacks for her. After the meal or snack, caregivers can do the dishes and clean the counters and stovetop. 
Home Care Helps With Errands 
Caregivers are great at helping your mom with errands. Caregivers can drive her to stores or pick up items for her. You can have them pick up groceries you purchase online or pick up dry cleaning or prescription refills. 
Home Care Helps With Organization 
Caregivers can help keep your mom’s life and home organized. A caregiver can schedule appointments and refills and make sure your mom is driven to that business or medical office on time. Caregivers can bring in and sort the mail and clean up the home to keep clutter from building up. 
Home Care Helps With Companionship 
When you hire caregivers to help your mom, she gains from companionship. She has a new friend who stops by to take her on outings or walks. She has someone to play games with on rainy days. She also has someone who can read with/to her, watch movies with her, and chat about what they’ve just read or watched. 
What does it take to arrange home care for your mom? It’s easy. Talk to a home care specialist about the things she can do and the things that challenge her. From there, you’ll learn more about home care rates and schedules. 


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