Now more than ever, families are inundated with a large collection of things: paperwork, knick knacks, decor, clothing, pet supplies, household items, and if you are a parent, especially toys.

This is the time of year that many parents of small children both come to anticipate and dread at the same time, when their children are gifted with more toys than they even know what to do with.

Toys and other items often end up tossed aside where they pile up and collect dust, which not only takes up much-needed space but seems wasteful. One idea to cut down on this waste is to gift kids and grandchildren with experiences rather than items like toys.

This is a great way to create memories and teach the people in their life that they don’t need as much stuff as they might have thought, and that family time is very special and important.

Here are a few non-toy suggestions for giving gifts of experience to the kids and grandkids in their life.



Elderly Care Skokie, IL: Gifts Grandma and Grandpa Can Give That Aren’t Things

If their local community has any educational facilities such as a zoo, science center, garden or wildlife area, or a children’s play facility, consider giving the gift of an annual membership. Not only does it allow them to get out of the house and stay active, but it gives their parents something to do on days when the weather may not be cooperating or they just need to get out of the house.


It used to be when you thought of subscriptions, you automatically thought of magazines. While kid’s magazines are still a thing, and can still be a great gift for the ones in their life, there are now all sorts of other box subscriptions like science boxes, STEM boxes, art boxes, experiment boxes, history boxes, and more! They can pick the length of time that they want the child in their life to receive a monthly box and it gets shipped right to them! It’s a fun and educational way for them to get hands on while learning at the same time.


If their grandchild is into a certain hobby or club, giving a yearly pass can be very helpful and appreciated by parents. Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, or any other club-type group can be a fun way for the children in their life to spend their time and socialize while learning valuable life lessons in a safe and supportive environment.


If karate, soccer, dance, hockey, or gymnastics are what their grandchildren like, they can pay for some of the costs to give their parent a break and encourage the kids to be active.


Is there a place they would like to take the grandkids for a day trip? Instead of a toy, jump in the car and give them an experience that they will remember forever.


If all else fails, or if their grandchildren are too young to know any better anyway, consider donating to their college fund. Parents will appreciate the gesture and one day so will the kids.

Helpful Tip: If a grandparent is at home receiving elderly care and has issues with mobility, consider bringing the grandchildren to them to spend time. It’s a great way for them to bond and for grandparents to take their mind off their daily elderly care routine at home.


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