Here’s a situation that may sound familiar. You live hours from your dad. Usually, he does his own grocery shopping, but he’s broken his leg and can’t drive for several weeks. He doesn’t know anyone nearby who can purchase the things he needs.  

He’s back home, but he’s out of some of the staples he needs like milk, bread, and eggs. You can’t get to him until the workweek is over. What do you do? 


See if Grocery Delivery Services Operate in His Area

Senior Care Lake Forest, IL: Seniors and Getting Groceries

Check out the different grocery delivery services like Instacart or Shipt. See if any of them operate in your dad’s area. He may be limited to the stores he can shop at, but it will help until you arrive.  

If they are available, you can order the groceries he needs from your home. If he’s computer-savvy, he could order for himself. A driver will pick up the groceries and deliver them to his door. All he has to pay is a small fee and add a tip for the driver. 


Meal Subscription Boxes 

For now, he might do well by having a meal box service. He signs up, picks out the meals he wants for the weeks, and pays. The ingredients he needs to make those meals are packed in dry ice and shipped to his house. 

While a meal box isn’t going to stock his fridge with all of the staples, he will have what he needs to make healthy meals. It will tide him over until someone can help him get the rest of the groceries he needs. 


Talk to Area Farms 

Call some of the area farms near your dad. Some may offer delivery to addresses within a certain range. While it’s not a service you’ll find everywhere, it doesn’t hurt to ask. If they can deliver, it supports a local business and your dad gets what he needs until you arrive. 


Hire Senior Care Services 

The most logical way to make sure your dad has everything he needs is by hiring senior care aides. Hire caregivers to stop by, get groceries for your dad, drive him to his therapy appointments, and keep you updated.  

You can hire caregivers to prepare your dad’s meals, help him keep track of pain medications, and clean his house until he’s fully mobile again. Senior care aides can also help him get in and out of the shower while keeping his cast dry. Call a representative to learn more. 


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