Stress has a lot of negative health effects and seniors aren’t immune to it. Older adults can experience stress for many reasons. They may worry about their health, finances, and what the future holds. Unfortunately, research shows that older adults may have a harder time managing stress because the older brain isn’t as adept at regulating stress-related hormones. That can make them produce more stress hormones and have a more difficult time turning them off. Because of the way seniors react to stress, it’s important to find ways to manage their stress. April is Stress Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to look for ways to reduce stress in your older family member. One way you can help them is by hiring elderly care. There are many things elderly care providers can do to lessen the burden of stress on older adults. 4 of the ways elderly care can help are below.


Seniors Feel More Secure

Elderly Care Highland Park IL: Reducing Seniors Stress

Elderly Care Highland Park IL: Reducing Seniors Stress

Sometimes older adults feel nervous about being alone. They may worry about home security or that they will get hurt or ill and have no one to help them. Having an elderly care provider around can help seniors to feel more secure and at ease. When an elderly care provider visits the home on a regular basis, your loved one will know that someone will be stopping by to check on them and keep them safe.


Use Breathing Exercises
There are many stress reduction techniques that seniors can use to relieve stress. One easy one that can be done anywhere is breathing exercises. Deep breathing introduces more oxygen to the body and relaxes tense muscles. Elderly care providers can remind your aging relative to use breathing exercises when they are tense.


Driving to a Yoga Class
Yoga uses a combination of poses and breathing that have been associated with stress reduction. In fact, some yoga studios offer classes specifically aimed at lowering stress. They may also offer classes designed for older adults. If your loved one is no longer able to drive, an elderly care provider can take them to their yoga classes.


Offering Distraction
It can be easy to start worrying about something and then be unable to forget about it. If the senior tends to dwell on things, having an elderly care provider around can offer them a distraction from whatever is bothering them. An elderly care provider can engage them in conversation, do an activity with them, or take them on an outing.


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