Most elderly adults want to grow old in their own home, but what should adult children do when they notice their aging parent isn’t keeping up with common tasks, endangering their health and safety? It can be a tricky subject to bring up with a parent who wants to remain independent and who may not be ready to admit they struggle. Family caregivers should also take note of their aging parent’s declining health and wellness and look for clues that reveal the areas where they need the most help.

Elder Care in Wilmette IL: Does Mom Need Daily Assistance?

Elder Care in Wilmette IL: Does Mom Need Daily Assistance?

Family caregivers can then turn to elder care providers to schedule in-home help and assistance for their aging parent. Instead of struggling with daily tasks, the aging adult has an in-home helper that can step in and assist when something is too much of an obstacle.

What Causes Elderly Adults to Struggle with Daily Tasks?

Aging adults usually struggle with daily tasks due to health issues that impact their mobility, dexterity, and stamina. Some of the most common conditions that seniors face include diabetes, arthritis, respiratory conditions, heart disease, cancer, broken bones, planned or unplanned surgery, obesity, and strokes. Many aging adults deal with more than one chronic condition, making it difficult for them to properly care for themselves and their homes.

When elderly adults have such serious conditions, it can lead to complications in doing everyday tasks. From opening bottles and cleaning the house to safely showering or driving a car, those once-simple tasks become real obstacles to daily living. Fortunately, in-home care providers can spend time with the aging adult and help around the house, eliminating those difficult and hazardous obstacles as they come up.

How Elder Care Providers Help.

Family caregivers will quickly notice the benefits of in-home elder care providers. These professionals can be scheduled for a few days per week to daily and even overnight, depending on the family’s needs and the elderly adult’s health and wellness. The most common tasks that elder care providers do include bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, and medication reminders. They can also do light housework, such as laundry and sweeping. Many elder care providers even offer transportation services to seniors who can no longer drive for outings like doctor’s appointments.

Along with supportive family caregivers, elder care providers, and age-related home modifications like grab bars, there’s no reason an elderly person could not age in place. Reliable in-home care also benefits the family caregiver as they know their elderly loved one is being well-cared for. As long as they are healthy, safe, and comfortable, aging adults can enjoy their quality of life and depend on daily assistance from an elder care provider.

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