Senior Care in Skokie IL

Five Ways to Manage Fatigue in Your Aging Adult

Senior Care in Skokie IL: Managing Fatigue

Fatigue is an extremely common problem for aging adults and can cause your elderly family member to experience a seriously diminished quality of life. Battling fatigue is not always easy, but it is possible. Encourage Her to Eat Breakfast. Lots of people avoid eating breakfast. Some avoid it because they just don’t like eating breakfast,…

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Why Seniors Resist Washing Their Hair

Senior Care in Skokie IL: Being a family caregiver can be frustrating when the elderly relative is resistant to help. Even though they can no longer do many of the daily living tasks they once did, many seniors still battle with family members when it is time to bathe or wash their hair.

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6 Safety Tips for Aging Drivers

Senior Care in Skokie IL Driving brings independence, especially for seniors who live in rural areas or areas without access to reliable, convenient¬†public transportation, which is most suburbs throughout the United States. Being able to drive to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy for prescriptions, and to family and friends houses and social outings…

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