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Caregiver Stress

Sleeping Badly? These Tips Can Help

Elderly Care in Evanston IL: Tips for Better Sleep

When you’re not sleeping well you’re more likely to be irritable and everything seems to take longer than it should in order to get it done. Improving your sleep can improve more than you think about your entire caregiving experience. Create a Space that’s Just for Sleep. You might find that you’re multitasking in your…

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Four Reasons You Need to Manage Your Own Chronic Pain

Home Care in Deerfield IL: Managing Chronic Pain as a Caregiver

Caregivers are notorious for ignoring their own health issues in favor of taking care of their family members. But some issues, like chronic pain, just can’t be ignored for very long at all. It may be time for you to find a better way to deal with your chronic pain so that you can take…

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Five Realistic Ways to Fit Time for You into Every Day

Caregiver in Highland Park IL: Making Time for Yourself

You might have told yourself that there’s no way that you can fit in time for relaxing, exercise, or anything else that’s just for you. But you might find that if you break up those activities or get creative with them, you could get more time for you than you think. Meditate or Do Deep…

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How to Structure a Request for More Help

Caregiver in Skokie IL: How to Ask for More Help

Caregivers always need more help, even when they don’t think they do. One of the best ways that you can get the help you need is to sit down with family members individually. Make this a One-on-One Conversation. When people feel as if you’re putting pressure on them, especially in front of other people, the…

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Dementia Care Strategies to Avoid Burnout

Elderly Care in Northbrook IL: Dementia Care Strategies to Avoid Burnout

Are you taking care of your elderly mom or dad who has recently been diagnosed with dementia? It can be extremely stressful to manage the daily life of an elderly relative regardless of their health, but dementia brings an additional level of worry and concern. As your aging parent requires more attention and increased care,…

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How Can Others Help You In Your Caregiver Journey?

Home Care in Northbrook IL: How Others Can Help In Your Caregiving Journey

Being a family caregiver for an aging adult does not mean you are completely on your own for all of the tasks for your aging parents, as well as for the rest of your family. You may find that friends and family are willing to help you, but you may be unsure of how to…

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How Family Caregivers Can Get Over Guilt

Caregiver in Buffalo Grove IL: Getting Over Caregiver Guilt

While family caregivers must deal with a range of emotions that are attached to their duties, guilt is one of the more common feelings. Guilt is a painful feeling that can cause a lot of mental stress, which then causes the deterioration of physical health. Why Is There So Much Guilt with Family Caregiving? Caregiving…

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Avoid Caregiver Burnout: Hire a Home Care Provider

Home Care in Skokie IL: Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

Are you feeling irritable, overwhelmed and frustrated? Do you find it hard to sleep, and either overeat or have no appetite? Is your family saying you are irritable, moody and stressed? Has your overall health declined recently? If you are a family caregiver for an elderly relative and you are experiencing these symptoms, you may…

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