Massage specifically for the elderly population, referred to as Geriatric Massage, is designed to meet the needs of seniors to help improve many age-related conditions and their overall health in general. It can help them regain physical functions that may begin to be lost or reduced due to aging, as well as help relieve anxiety and depression and provide much-needed comfort that seniors may desire.


People receiving elder care sometimes suffer from age-related diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, or stroke, which can result in poor circulation, impaired mobility, and limited range of motion or physical ability.


Research has found that people with chronic diseases like Parkinson’s disease can respond positively to geriatric massage, in which a trained therapist uses their hands to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to relieve pain, improve circulation, and increase rage of motion.


Benefits of Geriatric Massage:

Elder Care Evanston, IL: Benefits of Massage for Seniors

• Relieves stress and anxiety
• Helps with depression and loneliness
• No side effects
• Alleviates pain and headaches
• Decreases healing time after injuries
• Improved quality of life and self-esteem
• Better sleep- quality and length of time
• Overall relaxation and comfort
• Improved lymphatic system


Even a gentle massage has a proven impact on blood circulation and a person’s nervous system, two bodily systems that are especially vulnerable to the effects of aging. Someone taking medications for certain diseases or conditions can easily include massage into their elder care routine as it is a natural and pain-free way to combat the effects of aging without side effects or contradictions.


Geriatric massage can be beneficial to the joints such as the knee, hip, and shoulder by helping to strengthen weakened muscles and reduce stiffness, a common complaint of seniors.


Aside from all of the proven health benefits to massage, it just feels good! Your senior parent or loved one will appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and the soft, soothing, and skilled physical touch. It allows them to take their mind off stress and struggles of their daily life and take time to practice self-care and to feel less isolated and alone.


If your senior is open to the idea of massage, don’t wait to schedule a service for them so that they can begin to reap the benefits right away. Look for a licensed massage therapist who has specific training in geriatric massage so that you can be sure that your senior is in great hands, literally!


It’s also a great time to consider scheduling a massage for yourself as well, as there is no better time to take charge of your physical and mental health than when you are responsible for caring for an elderly parent. By practicing good self-care for yourself, you can ensure that you will be able to continue giving your parent the best version of yourself as you can, so that you can be there for them in all the ways that they need you.


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