Caregivers work hard to make certain their older family members have what they need to live a good quality of life and be as healthy as possible. Many family caregivers spend several hours each week on caregiving tasks. In addition, they deal with the complicated emotions involved in the caregiver role, which can range from a feeling of pride in what they are doing to sadness and frustration. All the work and the emotional rollercoaster can leave caregivers feeling exhausted and needing a break. Of course, that’s not always easy with their limited amount of time. Below are 4 suggestions for caregivers to make the most of a few minutes of downtime in their day to take a little break.


#1: Hop on to Social Media

Caregiver Skokie, IL: 4 Ways for Caregivers to Take a Break

Got a couple of minutes while your older family member is taking a short nap in their favorite chair? Take a couple minutes to log in to your social media accounts. Spend the time catching up with what is going on in the lives of friends and family. Look at memes that make you laugh. Read tweets from your favorite celebrities. View cute pictures of fuzzy animals. All of these things can bring a smile to your face and help you to relax in just a few minutes.

#2: Read a Book
You’re sitting in a clinic waiting room waiting for your aging relative to be called back. Meanwhile, the older adult is happily reading a magazine. Take those couple of minutes to lose yourself in a book. Don’t want to lug a book around with you? Download one to your smartphone, so you’ll always have it with you when the chance to take a break arises. While you’re reading, your mind will be too busy with the story to worry about other things.

#3: Do Some Stretches
Your older family member is engrossed in their favorite television show. Take some time to plop down on the floor near them and do some stretches. Stretching exercises can help tense muscles to relax and are also good for flexibility.

#4: Go for a Walk
A neighbor has stopped by to chat with the older adult and plans to stay for about an hour. Take that time to go for a walk knowing that the neighbor will see to the senior’s needs while you’re gone. Walking is great exercise and can help you to burn off some of the stress of the day.


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